Garden 庭

Feeling of Spring 🥦 そろそろ春

As soon as the British Summer Time starts at the end of March, I can begin to imagine spring around the corner!

The air is still quite crisp in the mornings and evenings where I live, but we sometimes enjoy an amazing bright sunlight during the day 🌞

Plants also know it’s time for them to grow, and as a keen garden farm beginner, I would love to share a glimpse of my produce this spring.




Purple spouting broccoli 紫ブロッコリ

First of all, the purple sprouting broccoli.

This was my first attempt and two have survived.

They were planted last spring, so it has taken them a whole year to grow this big!

They turn green when cooked and taste lovely and sweet.





Garden Salad 庭の収穫で作ったサラダ

The below picture is of what I call “the kale trio”.

I didn’t know what to do with the kale plants which had overwintered so I just left them, then they started to flower.

So I put them in a vase and cooked the buds and leaves.

Not everyone in the family was excited about eating them 😂

We all agree though that there’s something nice about growing our own food.






Kale trio ケール3点セット

And lastly, some fun looking radishes!!


Radishes with characters 個性的なラディッシュたち

crisp (天候などが)涼しい、さわやかな

Crisp air is cold, dry and fresh
Purple sprouting broccoli before harvest 収穫前の紫ブロッコリ

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