A Long Awaited Short Break ひさしぶりの小旅行
Outing お出かけ

A Long-awaited Short Break 🐬 ひさしぶりの小旅行

My family and I went away for a couple of nights at the end of April.

We’d been looking forward to it as we hadn’t had an overnight trip for a while!

The destination this time was up north in Aberdeenshire, and we stayed in a town called Banff.

We left our house in the late afternoon and it was almost 9pm by the time we arrived there.

A good thing is that it’s still bright around that time here in the UK in summer.






Open plan kitchen and living room キッチンとリビング

The accommodation we chose was very close to the sea and the window view was just stunning!

And to be able to hear the sound of the sea while being in the comfort of the flat was such a luxury.

It seems that this flat is one of the new-build, and there were older little cottages along the same road too.




Literally 10 seconds to the beach 文字通り10秒でビーチ到着です

We resisted going to the beach the first night though, and went there the following morning.

Then we headed towards Spey Bay where the Dolphin Centre is.

There we searched for dolphins from the shore by looking for seabirds above water splashes, as per advice from the Dolphin Centre.

A seal popped its head out of the water three or four times while we were doing that.

After about an hour, there was a group of seabirds flying above occasional water splashes, far far away.

Yes! We saw dolphins 🐬🐬







Where we saw a seal and dolphins アザラシやイルカを見た海

Sadly we didn’t manage to film or take photos of dolphins and the seal as it all happened so quickly and the zoom on my phone camera isn’t great.

But maybe that makes an encounter with wildlife even more realistic.

On our way back to the accommodation, we also stopped at Cullen beach which had impressive rocks.

We ended up enjoying 3 beaches in a day!

To be continued on the next post 😉





続きは次の「帰り道の出会い」をご覧ください ♪

Cullen Beach with huge rocks 大きな岩のあるクラン・ビーチ

long-awaited 心待ちにしていた

having been expected for a long time


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