Outing お出かけ

Discoveries On the Way Home 🏰 帰り道の出会い

We started our journey back from the short break by visiting a neighbouring town of Macduff 🚢 (The first part of this trip is on the previous post.)

Our initial plan was to have lunch there, but as soon as we got there we realised all the shops were closed due to it being the weekend, so we took a walk to the lighthouse instead.

帰りはまずお隣のマクダフという町に寄りました。(旅の前半についてはこの前の投稿をご覧ください ♪)


Ships at the dock and the shops 波止場の船と海沿いの街並み

Although the lighthouse could be seen right on the opposite of where we parked, there was no bridge or any other direct route and it took us almost an hour to actually get there and back so we had a good exercise!


Lighthouse built in 1903 1903年に建てられた灯台

It was nice and peaceful.


Banff Bay バンフ・ベイ

And thanks to the internet, we found a café called Hoodles Playbarn to have our lunch somewhere else 🥪

There was a good choice of menu and everything was nicely presented.

It also had a soft play area and a courtyard where children could play while parents enjoyed eating, and the layout was well thought out for those without young ones too.




Café Hoodles Playbarn カフェ・フードルズ・プレイバーン

I’d had soup and a roll the day before so wanted to go for a jacket potato for a change (both of which are what I tend to prefer to bread), but they were all sold out. So instead I had a toastie.

The photo is only a snapshot 😄



Toastie and salad トースティとサラダ

After that, we decided to stop at Dunnottar Castle as well.

It started to become misty by the time we got there, but the place was quite busy with visitors from the USA and other parts of the world 🚌

Castles are often built in the most unimaginable places, and this one didn’t disappoint.

Apparently it has featured in many films and shows over the past few years.

As we approached this ruined medieval fortress, the ravine started to appear with all sorts of things going on like a little waterfall flowing down and seabirds flying around.






The ravine and the waterfall  渓谷と滝

Then we could choose to go down a path to see the buildings from a different angle, with the North Sea in the background.


The ruins and the North Sea 城跡と北海

Back on the original path and as we carried on, we realised the whole thing was built on top of one rocky headland.

It might have looked even more amazing with the blue sky, but it still was breathtaking and quite realistic too!

ï¼·e didn’t have time to go inside the castle but went down to the beach.

There were some interesting sights such as a cave-like hole and seabirds nesting in differente parts of the cliff.





This holiday was rather short and slightly rushed, but we still enjoyed some relaxing time.

We visited four different beaches and a harbour, we got to see a wild seal and dolphins in their habitat, and we saw a castle with a wow factor ✨

Looking forward to another adventure in the future!




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