Outing お出かけ

Autumn Holiday 🍂 秋休み

What’s your favourite season? I like autumn in Japan with its nice cool air and sweet smell of brown leaves. Autumn here is quite similar but feels somewhat shorter and possibly colder, with average temperature often being below 10℃. There’s a school holiday in October so my family and I had a few days out.





Loch Lomond ローモンド湖

Falls of Falloch

On one of the days, we went for a nice drive to Loch Lomond area, which is a famous sightseeing place with stunning lochs (lakes in Scotland), mountains and everything that comes with them.

Although not as busy as the peak time in summer, there were still many visitors walking or cycling around with big backpacks.

Rain was on and off that day so the view wasn’t the clearest but it in itself is a beauty I suppose.

It was lovely to see boats floating on Loch Lomond in the evening.





Botanic Garden ボタニック・ガーデン

On another day, we met up with friends and went to Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden.

We hadn’t been there for a few years and some things had changed but the plants looked just as good. As a beginner of growing fruits and vegetables, I was particularly inspired by their vegetable patch!




A robin came and stayed with us for a while during our tea break. There were many squirrels running around too.


Turning leaves in Edinburgh Botanic Garden

Both places are worth visiting!


day out 「日帰りの旅行、外出」

a trip or visit somewhere for a day


be worth doing … 「…する価値がある」

to be important or useful to … do


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