English in UK
English 英語

English here 🌍 こっちの英語

English is one of the languages spoken all over the world and each country, region or even local area can have various dialects and accents.

Many pride in their own here in the UK and comparing the difference whether domestically or internationally often becomes a conversation topic.

Not knowing what kind of English you will encounter might feel a little daunting for learners, but many find it to be something that makes communication interesting as well as challenging!

Getting to know the languguage’s background like that I feel is one of the things that helps us make progress when learning it.

Words express thoughts and feelings, so reflect not only the background of the language itself but also many other things such as culture, relationships and common sense.

In this blog, I would like to share my personal thoughts on what may help us learn English, along with little things I notice as a Japanese person about English and life here in the UK.







Summer in UK イギリス、夏の景色
UK summer with green grass, blue water and sky

Blog name “English Here” ブログ名「こっちの英語」

The blog name “English here” means English used here in the UK.

It comes from the fact that an English word or its pronunciation in different countries or areas is often compared as “English there” and English here”.



The signpost at the Lighthouse in Mull of Galloway pointing to different cities

accent 「出身国や地域が分かる言語発音の仕方。訛り。口調」

the way someone pronounces the words of a language, showing which country or which part of a country they come from


point of view 「視点、考え方」

someone’s own personal opinion or attitude about something


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