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English 英語

EAL 📚 英語学習

EAL stands for English as an additional Language, meaning the use or learning of English as a foreign language.*

There are mainly two ways to learn a language, either through the feelings or the logic, simply put.

By feelings, I mean picking up on expressions by being in regular contact with them in everyday life like we do in our native languages.

It can be particularly effective for young learners who have good ears but may struggle with grammar explanations, and possibly for those who love sports or artistic activities.

And learning with the logic has a lot to do with understanding grammar and memorising words largely through listening to explanations or reading information.

This method might be much more efficient for older learners who can comprehend how sentence structures work, and those who enjoy mathematics and science often prefer it too.







* EAL is one of the many names to decribe English as a foreign language.


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Having said that, meeting students with different backgrounds has convinced me the most ideal learning should start consisting of both as early as possible.

For example, some young ones who started speaking English at an early age are very good at conversations but find it difficult to feel confident about the grammar details.

On the other hand, there are older ones who can read and write English with complex grammar correctly but cannot understand much simpler sentences in a conversation.

So how can we let the best of both worlds influence us?

Suggestions will be discussed from time to time in the future posts!






Word Cards Paired
Language skills include hearing, reading, speaking and writing 言語習得には聞く、読む、話す、書くの4技能が含まれる

the best of both worlds 「両方のいいとこ取り」

a situation in which you can enjoy the advantages of two very different things at the same time


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