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Good at Grammar ✍ 文法が得意

Accurate grammar and vocabulary help express thoughts and feelings more efficiently,

so being good at memorising and understanding those things is an advantage!

Still many find logic alone doesn’t necessarily improve their communication skills.

Can anything else be added to this hard earned knowledge?





It may seem obvious but the best practice for speaking is to speak, for listening to listen.

It is a challenge to find such opportunities though if English is not spoken very much around you.

Here are some practice ideas which can be done whether you’re in an English speaking area or not!




Grammar knowledge helps sort word order puzzles 文法は語順パズルの強い味方

⭐ Using pictures instead of text

  • Encourages speaking (using text tends to train reading ability rather than speaking)
  • Helps visualise different scenes
  • Highlights unfamiliar words and grammar

⭐ Enjoyable English videos that double as listening practice

  • Easy to follow the content if the theme is interesting
  • Can make good use of subtitles in English and/or Japanese
  • Some setups allow speed adjustments

⭐ Listening, pronunciation, conversation apps

  • Some apps are like games and quite fun
  • Help analyse our skills and record progress
  • A good choice to suit different tastes and situations (on a train, in a waiting room, at home etc.)

⭐ Online conversation partners

  • Quite realistic as a conversation practice
  • Can choose to converse and/or be taught in Japanese, English or both
  • Opportunities to speak with natives and those who speak English as their second language
  • Many online English schools and sites offer 24-hour access

⭐ 文字の代わりに絵を使う

  • 話すことを促す(文字を使うと話すより読む練習になりがち)
  • いろいろな場面をイメージできる
  • 分からない語彙や使い慣れていない文法が浮き彫りになる

⭐ 楽しめる動画で同時に聞き取り練習

  • 興味があるテーマなら内容についていきやすい
  • 英語・日本語字幕付きを使い分けた練習もできる
  • 動画によってはスピード調整が可能


  • ゲーム感覚など楽しみながらできるものもある
  • 力の現状や進歩をある程度把握する助けになる
  • 好みや状況(電車、待合室、自宅など)に応じ使い分けできる


  • 人が相手なので自然な会話に一番近い
  • 日本語、英語、または両言語で会話したり教えてもらうことが選択可能
  • ネイティブや第二言語として英語を話す人とも接点が持てる
  • 24時間接続可能なスクールやサイトが多い
English speaking environment can be created どこにいてもある程度の英会話環境を作れます

Give it a go if there’s anything above that you haven’t tried yet ☕

If you find yourself struggling to speak or understand what’s being said after getting used to the method, it’s a sign that sticking to it might improve your communication skills!

I’ll be back with an example of using pictures for speaking practice another time.




be good at … 「…が得意」

able to do something well


give it a go 「やってみる」

to try doing something

When is your favourite time to practise English? 英語を練習するのにお気に入りの時間帯ありますか?

Photos by Ross Sneddon and Calvin Hanson on Unsplash

An online English(EAL) teacher from Japan, based in the U.K. for over 20 years. Passionate about creative and practical English teaching ideas 🌸🌸🌸 日本出身、イギリス在住20年以上のオンライン英会話講師。使う英語学習に情熱的

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