Food 食

Pizza Night 🍕 夕飯にピザ

Home made pizza is a favourite of my family.

I just use the bread machine to make the dough, so it’s easy.

This time, the last harvest of this summer garden vegetables and kale leaves went on top of one of the pizzas.




Tomatoes, yellow and green peppers, an aubergine, and kale トマト、ピーマン、ナス、ケール

Although being able to choose your toppings and make it healthier is one of the good things about making your own pizzas, I took my family’s preference into consideration and hid the vegetables with plenty of cheese!

The aubergine was turned into tiny cubes for my aubergine beginner family.



Before going in the oven オーブン入場前

The second pizza had chorizo, basil and a few vegetables.

Skipped making salad as enough vegetables on the pizzas, served with shop-bought antipasti and breadsticks.

Both pizzas were popular and all eaten up!




Garlic in olive oil and balsamic vinegar sauce オリーブ油、バルサミコ酢にニンニクを入れたソースも

take … into consideration 「…を考慮に入れる」

to remember to think about something important when you are making a decision or judgment

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